Velvet Colors High Cover – Matte Concealer Foundation

Foundation with extremely high covering action with a velvety light matte texture and with built-in very high broad-spectrum sun protection. Adapting to the natural tone of each skin, it immediately and completely covers even the most intense skin imperfections (discolorations, varicose veins, redness, vitiligo, scars, etc.) as well as tattoos, giving a uniform, natural, flawless effect, without creating the “mask” effect, without blocking facial expressions but also without hindering skin “breathing” (High Cover Second Skin Masking Breathable Effect Technology) or clogging pores. It spreads easily, without friction, and the color remains stable and unchanged with a matte finish for over 6 hours while absorbing sebum by 20%2. With a specially designed formula that visually smooths wrinkles and with optical blurring effect and 3d image perfection properties for a perfect 3D face image with smooth, shiny skin and optimized texture.

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