Tommee Tippee Nighttime Soothers (18-36m) 2pcs

Tommee Tippee’s Night Time Soothers are designed to comfort and calm babies during their teething phase. Featuring glow-in-the-dark handles, they allow parents to find them easily in the dark without disturbing the baby. These orthodontic soothers have a vented, oval-shaped baglet that reduces pressure on developing teeth and gums, promoting healthy oral development. Their symmetrical, reversible silicone baglet ensures correct placement in the baby’s mouth, while the curved shield with side holes enables airflow and prevents skin irritation.

Made from medical-grade, BPA-free silicone, these soothers are soft, durable, and easy to clean, resisting stains and odors. Recommended by 98% of babies’ parents, these soothers offer comfort and ease, with different sizes available for different age stages. They’re mum-recommended, easy to maintain, and always free from harmful chemicals.

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