Tommee Tippee Made for Me Single Manual Breast Pump

Effortless and one-handed, the Tommee Tippee Manual Breast Pump is perfect for active moms on the move or multitasking with baby care. This portable pump suits occasional use anywhere, allowing simultaneous expression while your baby feeds. It features a massaging petal cup for enhanced milk flow stimulation, and it is compatible with various Closer to Nature and Advanced Anti Colic baby bottles, this pump adapts to your pumping needs.

Compact and cord-free, it’s the ultimate travel companion, fitting snugly in your handbag without adding weight. Its discreet design allows for quiet pumping at work, in cafes, or while your baby sleeps at home.

Simple assembly and disassembly make it hassle-free for quick-expression and easy cleaning, compatible with hot soapy water, dishwasher, or sterilizer methods. The innovative closed system ensures no wastage of precious breast milk, all in BPA and BPS-free materials for your baby’s safety.

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