Tommee Tippee Easiwarm Bottle Warmer

Tommee Tippee Easiwarm Electric Bottle Warmer is a quick solution to warm your baby’s feed to the perfect temperature in just 4 minutes. With its simple one-dial function and three settings, easily warms from the fridge or room temperature, ensuring a natural, comfortable warmth that your baby prefers.

Compatible with a wide range of bottle brands from infancy to weaning, this clever gadget automatically calculates the ideal warming time based on your selected setting and bottle temperature. Its gentle, gradual warming preserves vital nutrients and prevents hot spots, ensuring a safe, enjoyable mealtime for your little one. After warming, handle the bottle with care to avoid contact with the warm water inside.

Timing varies depending on feed size and starting temperature. The 4-minute duration is for a 150ml milk serving starting at 20?C ambient room temperature.

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