Tommee Tippee Dreammaker Light and Sound Baby Sleep Aid Machine

A scientifically proven sleep aid designed to simulate ideal sleeping conditions for babies. It focuses on relaxation without stimulating, aiding better and longer sleep. Its features include:

Pink Noise: Emulates womb sounds, promoting faster and deeper sleep, providing familiar and comforting background noise.

Red Light: Allows melatonin production, relaxing the body for faster sleep, and aiding night-time settling without stimulating.

Adjustable Brightness: Choose from 3 levels up to 200 lux for minimal sleep impact. Ideal as a nightlight during night feeds.

Pulsing Light: Encourages relaxed breathing?first mimicking baby’s resting breath rate, then slowing to aid your relaxation for sleep.

This innovative sleep aid offers an array of features promoting relaxation and sleep readiness without overstimulating, ensuring restful nights for both baby and parents.

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